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Robby Solo Concert

today 8 août 2022my_locationAmnesia


This is a demo description

Regarded as one of the most successful and breakthrough parties ever to grace the White Island, the event will heat up the dance floors in clubland once again, with Luciano and his traveling gang of music gypsies ready to bring some fire in the Balearic nightlife. A brand new relationship between the Vagabundos concept and the multiple award-winning Space club will change Sundays forever in Ibiza. An amazing fusion between Cadenza’s famed Latin rhythms and the great sound system only Space Ibiza can provide, plus the striking environment of its rooms, will bring a brand new music experience to the White Island.

Riding high from the success of his recent “Grace Of An Art” single for Cadenza (the milestone 100th release for the label), Luciano is looking forward to the summer, taking in an incredible year of touring that has brought him all over the world once again with appearances at all major festival and clubs, in true Vagabundos style.

Début 8 août 2022 H 23:30
Fin 8 septembre 2022 H 12:20
Emplacement Amnesia
Adresse Carretera San Antonio, 18
Lien https://pro.radio
Téléphone +34 123 123 123
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